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Peter Bixby is a candidate running for School Board. With a passion for public service, Peter wants to work for the community to improve the education system, create more opportunities for students, and make public safety a top priority.


Simplify The IEP Process

With my own son having dyslexia, I have first-hand experience on how confusing the IEP process can be. My goal would be to simplify the process of getting our students the additional services they need, especially for families where English is a second language. If parents don’t know or understand the services their children can be provided, then they’ll never be able to take advantage of them. If we can help the students who are struggling in silence, I believe we will lift the entire school system as a whole.
Opportunities For Students

I am committed to creating more opportunities for students to succeed. Every student has unique talents and abilities and should have access to programs that help them reach their full potential. This includes giving students more options to learn about trade opportunities. College isn't for everyone; our students need to be aware of these opportunities and be introduced to them while in school. I'll work with local businesses to provide our students with programs that can get them prepared for high paying jobs right out of highschool. 
Improving Student Health

I’ve seen firsthand in my time as a student and currently with my son the lack of food quality within the school system. If I’m elected to the school board, I will work with the entire board to improve the food quality provided to our students. We’re blessed to have some of the best teachers in the nation, but if our students aren’t provided with nutritional food, it will limit their abilities to learn, be healthy, and live outside of school, where they make healthy choices into adulthood. I also believe that all food to our students should be FREE.
Public Safety

I understand the importance of public safety, especially in our schools. I want to create a safe and secure learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. Some examples would be working with local PTA's to create bike-safe routes so all students can get to and from school safely. I'll also work with local lawn enforcement to protect our students. 
Community Involvement

I believe that community involvement is essential in creating a better education system. I will work with students, teachers, parents, and community members to ensure every student has the necessary resources to succeed. During my term, I will meet with every school and PTA in my District to hear directly from them on what their needs are.
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