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Who Is Peter Bixby?


My name is Peter Bixby-Eberhardt I was born in Berlin Germany, and moved to the United States with my sister and single mother, at the age of four. I’ve lived in Fairfax County for over 28 years. I am a direct product of Fairfax County public schools having attended Orange Hunt Elementary School from kindergarten through sixth grade and later attending Lake Braddock Secondary School from seventh grade through 12th grade.


After high school, I attended Auburn University for my freshman year before coming back home to study at Northern Virginia Community College. Shortly after returning home, I went on to become a father to my amazing 11-year-old son, Caiden, at the very young age of 19. Having a son at this age caused me to grow up very quickly and start my professional career earlier than anticipated. In the 11 years since then, I’ve gone on to have a successful real estate career including having a real estate team, that’s done over 150 million in lifetime sales as well as I own and operate an ever-growing residential property management company. In my over a decade in real estate, I’ve spent the last eight years being involved with my local real estate association. I’m honored to have gone on to become the youngest-ever elected board member of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors representing over 13,000 real estate professionals. I bring this up because I know that experience matters, and having served on the Board of Directors for two years now I understand how to collaborate, listen to others’ ideas, and problem-solve, which I think are vital to whoever holds the role as the Springfield districts school board member.


My view has always been that parents should play a critical role in relation to their children's education. The school system is there to educate, not co-parent. For local school board members to avoid parent feedback speaks to a “we know what’s best” mentality. Parents have too little say and involvement in children’s education already. What’s more, taxpaying parents have every right to ensure educational dollars benefit their children.

I was motivated to run for the school board for a wide range of reasons, including simplifying the IEP process, improving the health and food provided to our students, along with focusing on safety for students going to and from school as well as at school.

I constantly receive the question of what political endorsement I’ve received. Well, this exact question is why I’m passionate about running for the school board because of my want to get rid of the politics that has gotten into the school system and the school board specifically. From day one I’ve made the promise to run as an independent and take politics out of being a school board representative. Unfortunately, both of my opponents have decided to get endorsed by political parties which to me is against the core of what the school board should represent. I represent our students, teachers, and parents, and that’s the only endorsement I need!


I know these topics require more than promises. I know they require hard work, collaboration, and the ability to get creative. These are all qualities that I possess and will use to address these issues and others that I’d face if elected to the School Board.

-Peter Bixby-Eberhardt


Thank you for joining the campaign!

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